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    • 01 Jan 2000
    • 31 Dec 2150
    • Virtual training - at your desktop!

    Board MembersCLEAR is pleased to offer the Online Introduction to Regulatory Governance program.  The new online platform combines the effectiveness of CLEAR’s Introduction to Regulatory Governance with the convenience of on-demand training. 

    The interactive presentation includes scenarios, self-quizzes, and other interactive exercises to engage board members in their learning.  Participation will prepare board members to:

    • Understand their role in promoting the public interest
    • Operate in line with key concepts in regulatory governance
    • Be effective rulemakers
    • Set appropriate standards for the assessment of initial and continuing competence
    • Effectively handle the various vehicles of disciplinary action

    The online program is made up of five modules which are designed to take 30-40 minutes each to complete.  The training modules are:

    Foundations of Occupational and Professional Regulation
    -content includes: the importance of regulatory boards; rationale for licensure; typical pro and con arguments; and an overview of trends in licensure-

    Roles and Responsibilities of a Board Member
    -content includes: board member responsibility; defining "the public interest"; requirements for service on regulatory boards; how a board member can participate effectively; the purpose of appointing public members; and ethical considerations-

    Administrative Rulemaking
    -content includes: what is a rule? kinds of rules; authority to issue rules; when is a rule needed? writing a good rule; avoiding problem areas; regular procedures for adopting rules; notice and publication; public comment and hearing process; and emergency rulemaking-

    Professional Discipline
    -content includes: steps in the enforcement process; characteristics of a strong enforcement process; receiving and sharing information; types of disciplinary sanctions; and practitioner impairment-

    Assessing Competence
    -content includes: continuing education programs and their availability; criteria for MCE programs; and continued competence- 

    Technical Needs:

    CLEAR's Online Introduction to Regulatory Governance program is offered via web-based, flash platform.  Please test your individual session by viewing the preview here.  

    Using the Online Learning Platform:

    Upon receipt of an individual registration or agency subscription, CLEAR will send the link to the online training portal.  Subscribers should expect to receive their username and password within one week.  One username/password combination will be created for each subscription.      

    • 20 Jan 2015
    • 7:30 AM
    • 22 Jan 2015
    • 5:30 PM
    • Kansas Board of Healing Arts, 800 SW Jackson, Lower Level, Topeka, KS 66612
    • 29
    CLEAR is pleased to announce it will offer the Basic National Certified Investigator/Inspector Training (NCIT) program in Topeka, Kansas from January 20-22, 2015.


    CLEAR’s Basic Program provides a three day, hands-on training and certification program in investigation and inspection techniques and procedures. Participants will receive: 

    Day One: (7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.)
    Check-in and registration will begin at 7:30 a.m., coffee and continental breakfast items will be provided.
    Introduction and Welcome: A member of CLEAR's staff and an instructor review the NCIT curriculum and answer any questions about the training program (0.5 hour)

    Professional Conduct: Learn how to develop professional attitudes, conducts and relationships with other regulatory and law enforcement agencies (1.5 hour)

    Principles of Administrative Law & the Regulatory Process: Provides the basic guidelines to understanding administrative law and procedure and the regulatory process (2 hours)
    Investigative Process: Teaches a basic understanding of the investigative process including the intake of complaints, investigative planning and the execution of an investigative plan (4 hours)

    Day Two: (8:00 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.)

    Principles of Evidence: Reviews sources of evidence law, types and forms of evidence and the rules and use of evidence in administrative proceedings (2 hours)

    Evidence Collection, Tagging & Storage: Furnishes the student with basic guidelines for gathering evidence, including proper techniques of custody and storage of evidence (2 hours)
    Interviewing Techniques: Explains the proper interviewing method, how to establish rapport, and proper and improper questioning techniques. (4 hours)

    Day Three: (8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.)

    Overview of Inspections & Inspection Procedures: Reviews the inspector’s role and the specific steps of an inspection; from planning and conducting the inspection to writing the formal report (1 hour)
    Report Writing: Teaches students ways to improve factual, investigative reports. Learn how to write a report that is accurate, logical, clear, concise and complete (3 hours)
    Testifying in Administrative & Criminal Proceedings: Provides attendees with an understanding of the role of the prosecutor, as well as mental and physical preparation for testifying on the witness stand (2 hours)
    Question and Answer Session:
    Attendees are invited to ask any questions that have not been answered during the course of the training (1 hour)
    Examination: a multiple choice exam that tests students’ learning. A score of 70% or better, plus a year of employment with your agency/organization, qualifies the student for CLEAR certification (1 hour)


    Schedule is subject to change. Coffee/Tea and Pastries will be provided during a.m. breaks


    Training Location: 
    Kansas Board of Healing Arts 

    800 SW Jackson, Lower Level

    Topeka, KS 66612

    Please contact Barbara Montgomery if you have any questions regarding the KSBHA facilities.

    If you are in need over overnight accommodations, the following hotels are within a 5-10 minute walk.

    Capital Plaza Hotel
    1717 SW Topeka Blvd.
    Topeka, Kansas 66612
    (785) 431-7200

    Holiday Inn – West
    605 SW Fairlawn Road
    Topeka, Kansas 66606
    (785) 272-8040

    Ramada Hotel and Convention Center
    420 SE 6th Avenue, Suite A
    Topeka, Kansas 66607
    (785) 234-5400


    CLEAR cancellation policy:
    Registrant substitutions are welcome. Cancellations must be received in writing at least 28 days prior to the program to receive a full refund. After that date, a $75 US service charge will be subtracted from refunds. Cancellations received after training begins are subject to the full registration fee.


    By registering, Attendee understands and agrees that audio and video footage, photographs and digital images may be taken of Attendee at any conference event. By registering, Attendee also understands and agrees that the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) and its representatives, successors and assigns may use said audio and video footage, photographs and digital images in its editorial, advertising, educational, promotional and social media material. Attendee also understands and agrees that international copyright and intellectual property rights on these images and materials will remain the property of the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) who will be entitled to broadcast, publish, republish or otherwise distribute these images, data and materials and any product thereof in any way or manner they see fit in perpetuity. Registration for the conference signifies and evidences Attendee’s agreement to the terms above and Attendee hereby waives any claims he or she may have against the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) its representatives, successors and assigns in regard to said material.

    • 28 Jan 2015
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    • Via Webinar: at your desk! (1:00 P.M. Eastern)

    Professional regulation generally begins with a very noble intent - introduction of a framework to protect the public. All too often, those involved in creating the actual regulations may not have the same noble intent or motives that were initially voiced by those who sought its creation. The public interest gets balanced with political perspectives, mixed with labour economics and influenced by biased professionals. The result can be a compromise intended to satisfy a broad range of interests. Unfortunately, these compromises result in by-products and unintended consequences that economists and others regard as adverse. These include higher costs to consumers, higher unemployment, protectionist attitudes within professions, etc. This webinar will examine regulation from the perspective of risk management and suggest that such impacts, while unintended, are unavoidable. While regulation can never eliminate risk, does the resultant risk reduction make the unintended adverse impacts tolerable? How does the regulator deal with the criticisms arising from these by-products?

    Offerings are presented through a web-based PowerPoint and audio teleconference, allowing attendees to participate and ask questions from their own office or conference room.  Using a speakerphone and PowerPoint at your location, you can have multiple attendees for one registration fee. Attendees receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentation after the webinar.  Webinar attendees can also choose to purchase the webinar recording at a discounted rate when registering.


    Bruce G. Matthews, Deputy Registrar, Regulatory Compliance, Real Estate Council of Ontario

    Webinar sponsorship opportunities

    • 01 Jan 2100
    • at an upcoming offering of the NCIT Basic Program or at CLEAR headquarters

    In order to be eligible to receive CLEAR Certification, you must have attained a passing score of 70% or better on the exam that is administered as part of this course.

    If you do not currently meet the requirements for CLEAR Certification, you are allowed to re-take the exam at another offering of the NCIT Basic program. You also have the option to come to CLEAR’s office in Lexington, KY to re-take the exam if that would be more convenient.

    See a list of current NCIT offerings.

    If you have questions about re-taking the exam, please contact Molly Marsh, or 859-269-1601.

    • 01 Jan 2100
    • at an upcoming offering of the NCIT Specialized Program or at CLEAR headquarters

    In order to receive a certificate reflecting your successful completion of each module of the Specialized NCIT program, you must have attained a passing score of 70% or better on each module of the exam that is administered as part of this course.

    If you did not achieve the scores necessary to earn a certificate for each module, you are allowed to re-take the relevant exam(s) at another offering of the NCIT Specialized program. You also have the option to come to CLEAR’s office in Lexington, KY to re-take the exam(s) if that would be more convenient.  Please note that the exam re-take fee provides for your attendance and exam only for the module(s) where the passing score was not attained. 

    See a list of current NCIT offerings.

    If you have questions about re-taking the exam, please contact Molly Marsh, or 859-269-1601.

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