CLEAR-CAC recorded webinar: Public Members: Qualifications for Appointment and Role Definition

  • 06 Apr 2100
  • Virtual - view recording at your desktop - unlimited playback


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Public Members: Qualifications for Appointment and Role Definition are explored during two webinars offered by CLEAR and the Citizen Advocacy Center (CAC).

Part 1 addresses qualifications for appointment and status once appointed.  It covers: (1) deficiencies in the current system used by licensing boards and certification/accreditation organizations which defines public members by what they cannot be; (2) proposed improvements and suggestions for making them happen;  (3) eliminating restrictions on full participation by pubic members (e.g. voting privileges, holding office); and (4) beyond tokenism, is one public member enough? Speakers are David Swankin, President and CEO, Citizen Advocacy Center and Ronne Hines, Deputy Division Director of Healthcare, Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations, Department of Regulatory Agencies.

Part 2 addresses (1) public member role definition and job description, including staying in touch with communities; (2) training needs, both initial and ongoing; (3) evaluating public member performance—who evaluates, and to what standards?; and (4) creating opportunities to interact with other public members. Speakers are Rebecca LeBuhn, Board Chair, Citizen Advocacy Center and Micah Matthews, Deputy Executive Director, Washington State Medical Commission.

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