CLEAR On-Demand Board Member Training: Introduction to Regulatory Governance

  • 01 Jan 2000
  • 22 Aug 2068
  • Virtual training


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CLEAR is pleased to offer the On-Demand Introduction to Regulatory Governance program.  This platform combines the effectiveness of CLEAR’s Introduction to Regulatory Governance with the convenience of on-demand videos. 

The series is designed to prepare board and council members to:

  • Understand their role in promoting the public interest
  • Operate in line with key concepts in regulatory governance
  • Be effective rulemakers
  • Set appropriate standards for the assessment of initial and continuing competence
  • Effectively handle the various vehicles of disciplinary action

The video series is made up of five modules.  Copies of the printed materials for the program are available for purchase and include practice scenarios to help your Board or Council learn to apply the concepts presented. The training modules are:

Foundations of Occupational and Professional Regulation
-content includes: the importance of regulatory boards; rationale for licensure; typical pro and con arguments; and an overview of trends in licensure-

Roles and Responsibilities of a Board Member
-content includes: board member responsibility; defining "the public interest"; requirements for service on regulatory boards; how a board member can participate effectively; the purpose of appointing public members; and ethical considerations-

Administrative Rulemaking
-content includes: what is a rule? kinds of rules; authority to issue rules; when is a rule needed? writing a good rule; avoiding problem areas; regular procedures for adopting rules; notice and publication; public comment and hearing process; and emergency rulemaking-

Professional Discipline
-content includes: steps in the enforcement process; characteristics of a strong enforcement process; receiving and sharing information; types of disciplinary sanctions; and practitioner impairment-

Assessing Competence
-content includes: continuing education programs and their availability; criteria for MCE programs; and continued competence- 

Technical Needs:

The series requires an internet connection with enough bandwidth for streaming videos. It is recommended that you test the videos prior to a group session to ensure that the computer, browser and internet connection are sufficient for streaming.

Using the On-Demand Video Library:

Upon receipt payment, CLEAR will send the link to your agency's video library. Unlimited access to the videos will be available for one year. 

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