From Reporting to Resolution: What contributes to positive outcomes for the public and the individual undergoing the discipline process?

  • 06 Apr 2100
  • Virtual - at your desktop



In this webinar, participants are presented with an approach to regulation that seeks to meet its primary mandate for protecting the public yet at the same time to guide and support its registrants to successfully return to competent, ethical practice. Participants are guided through key aspects of health care regulation with a special emphasis on the legislative ‘duty-to-report’ for incompetence, fitness problems, or ethical misconduct.

Using a short lecture and case study format, the webinar facilitators share their experiences and insights into their respective roles in the disciplinary process for British Columbia nurses. Participants learn about the investigative process, how structures and processes are put into place to ensure accountability for an individual’s practice, and how selected registrants are engaged in a process of self reflection to learn how to better meet their standards of practice.

This discussion raises ethical issues on how to balance legislative mandates, appropriate investigation, effective intervention, and strategies to support the affected registrant to successfully return to competent, ethical practice. The webinar facilitators share “lessons learned” and present data on the effectiveness of this regulatory approach.

Learning Objectives:

    • Understand a Canadian perspective on regulating health professions.
    • Know the specific criteria for Canadian legislation on ‘duty-to-report’.
    • Compare and contrast various regulatory practices to illuminate their own areas of practice.
    • Describe ethical issues related to the participants’ areas of practice.

    Spencer Wade, Nursing Practice Consultant, College of Registered Nurse of British Columbia

    Kathleen Graham, Professional Conduct Review Consultant, College of Registered Nurse of British Columbia

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