Virginia's Sanctioning Reference Points: System Implementation and Evaluation Results

  • 06 Apr 2100
  • Virtual - at your desktop


The webinar will provide an overview of the background, methodology, findings, and implementation strategies for the smaller boards, the evaluation of Sanctioning Reference Points (SRPs) for the earlier, larger regulatory boards, and the revisions made as a result.

In 2006, the Virginia Board of Health Professions presented its first CLEAR Webinar introducing participants to the Sanctions Reference Point research program. SRPs provide regulatory boards with an empirically-based tool designed to help the boards standardize disciplinary actions when sanctions are considered as a result of professional misconduct. By using an established set of case and respondent factors and a numerical scoring system derived from analysis of prior case decisions and informed by board review and input, the Department of Health Professions boards are able to routinely make fair, consistent, and equitable sanctioning decisions. Further, the SRPs make the factors and processes transparent for board members and the public, alike. The Board of Health Professions constantly evaluates the efficacy of the process for each board. This dynamic process ensures the SRP remains current and addresses emerging professions and new methods of disciplinary processes.

In 2011, the program was honored to receive the 2011 CLEAR’s Regulatory Excellence Award for expansion of the SRP research methodology to address the needs of the state’s smaller health regulatory boards (Counseling, Social Work, Psychology, Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology, Physical Therapy, and Long-Term Care Administrators) between 2007 and 2010. Based on the seminal work with Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry, smaller boards were able to adapt appropriate SRP measures to better serve the public.

Elizabeth Carter, Executive Director, Virginia Board of Health Professions

Neal Kauder, President, VisualResearch, Inc.

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