Governing Strategic and Operational Risk

  • 06 Apr 2100
  • Virtual - at your desktop


The regulatory environment continues to evolve at revolutionary speeds and the public’s demand for increased transparency, accountability, and fairness grows more sophisticated and better articulated each year. Resource pressures are also having a growing impact on regulatory organizations in the face of demands for more service, more productivity, and more information.

As each regulatory governing body contemplates ‘regulatory excellence’ it needs to consider both ‘strategic risk’ and ‘organizational/operational risk’, i.e. what are the key risks that can impede achievement of the desired outcomes of regulatory excellence and what are the organizational/operational risks that can thwart or derail excellence. This webinar will first address the ‘risk universe’ of regulatory bodies and provide a framework for discussion and development of the many subject areas related to risk that face regulatory organizations. This enterprise risk framework can serve as a tool for regulatory governing bodies to determine relevant strategic and operational risks and the extent to which the identified risks have been mitigated through governance action. Finally, the session will provide opportunity for dialogue around some proposed approaches that regulatory governing bodies along with their senior administrators can utilize to increase the opportunity of strategic success in achieving the regulatory mandate and in setting the risk tolerance boundaries around operations.

This webinar will be very useful for governors (Council/Board Members) of regulatory boards and senior administration, who both play critical, yet unique roles, in addressing enterprise risk in a ‘risky’ environment.

Learning Objectives:
  • To understand why enterprise risk assessment should be considered as a critical component of effective governance and excellent regulatory practice.
  • To learn to identify the key components of a risk assessment relevant for the governing body of regulatory organizations.
  • To be familiar with strategies which can be employed by regulatory governing bodies to govern and mitigate risk.

Karen Fryday-Field, Consultant,
Meridian Edge Management & Governance Consulting
Kathy Wilkie, Registrar and Executive Director, College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario

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