Professionalism for the Non-Professional: The Regulator's Role

  • 06 Apr 2100
  • Virtual - at your desktop


This presentation will explore the issue of professionalism amongst those who work within regulated occupations.  It will be suggested that the imposition of a regulatory framework on an occupation will, in and of itself, impose a duty of professionalism on all of those who are regulated within that framework.  Practitioners within regulated occupations might not view themselves as “professionals.”  Therefore, there is an important role for the regulator to play in fostering a sense of professionalism in those working in regulated occupations.  What is professionalism?  Can it be acquired through education or training?  Can it be measured, or can it only be demonstrated?  Standards of conduct established for occupations generally contain, or at least infer, provisions relating to professional conduct (though such provisions are often worded in the negative, i.e., dealing with unprofessional conduct).  Consumers and patients have the right to expect a certain level of professionalism in dealing with practitioners of a regulated occupation.  This goes beyond the technically correct execution of the job function and impacts attitudes, interpersonal skills and other attributes.  This session will explore the essence of professionalism and discuss approaches and methods regulators can use to support and encourage a sense of professionalism among those within regulated occupations.

Bruce Matthews
, Deputy Registrar, Regulatory Compliance, Real Estate Council of Ontario
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