CLEAR Leadership Duties

Duties of the Board of Directors

  • establish and interpret the governing bylaws, policies and procedures for the management and operation of CLEAR
  • develop policies and strategies for CLEAR
  • adopt an annual operating budget for CLEAR
  • meet at least twice during each calendar year, including at the annual conference and at the midyear business meeting
  • direct the use of the CLEAR name, logo or other indicia
  • grant awards in categories as determined by the board for outstanding achievements in the field of professional and occupational regulation
  • oversee a nominations and elections process for members of the Board of Directors and its President-Elect
  • develop financial policies and directives for staff implementation
  • promote the development and maintenance of effective liaisons with external organizations
  • hire the Executive Director
  • exercise such other powers as are generally consistent with these Bylaws

Duties of a Board Member

  • be informed about the organization's mission, services, policies and programs
  • participate fully in board meetings
  • support and promote the Board's policies and procedures
  • review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings
  • participate fully in committee meetings
  • participate fully in the annual conference and related events
  • carry out special assignments as requested by the board president
  • observe the legal responsibilities of duty of loyalty and duty of care to the organization
  • understand the responsibilities of the board (see board duties)
  • promote CLEAR membership and offerings within own jurisdiction
  • be prepared to answer questions about CLEAR and its programs
  • complete all assigned tasks in a timely fashion
  • recognize, participate in and promote opportunities to further CLEAR's mission

Duties of the President

  • report to the membership at the annual conference on the accomplishments of CLEAR during the preceding 12 months
  • appoint chairs, vice-chairs and members of all standing committees, subcommittees, special interest groups and working groups
  • preside over meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee
  • provide strategic leadership to the organization
  • represent or delegate representation of the organization
  • conduct annual performance review of the Executive Director
  • maintain positive relationships with staff and among board members, the CLEAR membership and external partners.

Duties of the President-Elect

  • perform such duties as may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors
  • serve as President during the membership year following his/her term as President-Elect
  • succeed the President and complete the President's term of office in the event the President should resign or otherwise be unable to serve
  • in the case of temporary disability or absence of the President, perform and be vested with all the powers and duties of the President
  • in the event the President-Elect becomes the President pursuant to the provisions of Article IV Section 2(a), s/he shall also serve the full term of office to which s/he was initially elected

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