Advanced Interviewing (8 hours)

  • Cognitive Memory Retrieval is an interviewing technique developed by memory researchers from the Behavioral Science Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department and from UCLA's Department of Psychology. It is designed to assist an individual in recalling complete details of a past event and has been proven effective in assisting detailed memory of incidents that occurred recently or years ago.
  • Behavioral Analysis involves the analysis of non-verbal and verbal communications to determine if an interview subject is omitting information or, potentially, is being deceptive. The content focuses on the theory behind behavioral analysis, using behavioral analysis questions effectively and analyzing the non-verbal and verbal responses.

 Investigative Analysis (8 hours)

  • Complaint Scene Analysis teaches how to develop a process of analytical thinking that assists the investigator in obtaining correct investigative information. The section includes a discussion of the role of investigative paradigms, complaint overviews that clarify the basis of a complaint and focus the investigation and methods to analyze the details at the scene of a complaint to see if scene details may prove or disprove a complaint.
  • Written Statement Analysis includes techniques for identifying omissions and potential deception in a written statement. Many boards or agencies obtain a written statement from licensees, complainants and witnesses during or even before an investigation. Written statement analysis helps investigators recognize where additional questioning or investigation is needed and provides attendees with an additional tool for identifying inaccuracies in a statement.

Investigative Report Development (8 hours)

This module consists of information and practical exercises to improve an investigator's written reports. The course approaches report development as an integrated process, used from the beginning to the end of an investigation; one that clarifies the investigative path and improves thoroughness and accuracy. Topics include:
  • Developing report formats.
  • Reporting descriptive observation and activities.
  • Reporting interview information.
  • Obtaining written statements.

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