CLEAR News - Summer 2003

Net News


IOM Reports on "Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality"
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on "Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality" is now available. The central tenet of the report is the importance of creating an outcomes-based education system. Five core competencies are defined and strategies and actions are proposed in a move towards an improved system that includes these competencies as part of the curriculum.  The report also urges oversight agencies to require a demonstration of competence on a periodic basis, based on the identified competencies.

"Tracking Health Care Costs in 2002" Shows Rapid Rise in Spending

The Center for Studying Health System Change produced the study "Tracking Health Care Costs for 2002" which shows that health care spending per privately insured person rose by 9.6 percent in 2002, down from 10 percent in 2001. The largest area of increase (51 percent) came from increased hospital spending, as was the case the preceding year.

EU Launches Web Site about the Differing Legal Systems of Member States

Information about the different legal systems in place across the European Union (EU) is available on a newly launched web site. The
European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial Matters provides information in each of the EU's 11 official languages and also provides information on EU law in general as well as that of the Member States. 

Draft Consumer Guide on Internet Counseling Published

A draft Internet counseling consumer guide has been published as a joint project by the American Association of State Counseling Boards, The American Counseling Association, and The National Board for Certified Counselors. 'Internet Counseling: Is it Right for You? A Guide for the Consumer' can be found on pages 6-7 of the Spring edition of 'The Liaison' newsletter.

State Medical Board Actions Rise in 2002, According to New Report

The Federation of State Medical Boards 'Summary of 2002 Board Actions' shows an increase of over 4.5 percent in the number of board actions since 2001. The summary also includes a graph of the number of board actions taken in the United States since 1993, the number of prejudicial actions having increased by 26 percent over the decade.

UK Government Publishes Risk Management Report

Risk and Uncertainty: Improving Government’s Capability to Handle Risk and Uncertainty
, was published by the Strategy Unit, part of the UK government's Cabinet Office. This suggests how government should consider risk, and provides practical steps for improving its management.