CLEAR News - Winter 2001

By Donna H. Mooney

Here's a heartfelt Thank You to the many of you who answered the call for service on CLEAR committees. The midyear business meetings are just around the corner, but it still isn't too late to sign up and participate. We've made it very easy for you to join a committee - just visit and let us know your preference.

It gave me great pleasure earlier this month to see CLEAR's Associated Regulatory Investigators ( go live. ARI is a Web-based membership group representative of the additional resources we plan to make available throughout the year. Other projects underway include online board member training, development of additional training modules and, of course, my campaign to RECRUIT, RECLAIM and RETAIN members, which was discussed in the last President's Message

Within this targeted campaign, is a specific goal of recruiting more regulatory board public members to participate in CLEAR. There are a number of issues surrounding public board members that need to be revived within CLEAR, including appropriate board composition and oversight, member selection, and whether public members ever should be treated differently, including in their socialization as board members. This discussion will be featured prominently during CLEAR's September conference in Las Vegas and I'd welcome your comments on these important issues as the program is put together in January.

Before we get to the September conference, however, is the JANUARY CONFERENCE (rescheduled from September 2001), which I hope you'll all try and attend. Again, we've made it easy for you to learn more about as well as to register for the conference online ( It's gratifying to see how many of you have amended your schedules to accommodate this meeting and to see how many new attendees are registered. This is really an opportunity for us to show people how friendly and useful CLEAR is. We've recruited these folks - now let's go out and retain them.