Actions of the CLEAR Board of Directors During its Regularly Scheduled Meeting January 16, 1999

Regulation takes place in an increasingly global environment. Given the primacy of its educational focus, CLEAR will assist its members and the regulatory community to be knowledgeable about the global context and the global issues that affect regulation. This may be accomplished through

Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the President, in agreement with the Board of Directors, for terms of one year.

Immediately following election, select committee vice-chairs who will succeed to positions of committee chairs. In the event of a vacancy, the President shall appoint a replacement.

The Immediate Past President shall select no less than three and no more than five elections officials to carry out the election procedures as approved by the Board of Directors. Elections officials shall not assist candidates seeking elective office. Elections officials shall not be candidates for seeking elective office.

In keeping with CLEAR's mission, it is the intent of the Board of Directors to elect the organization's officers in an open and honest process. Accordingly, candidates for elective office are expected to hold their campaigns in a professional manner. Candidates for elective office are prohibited from distributing hats, buttons, banners, or any promotional materials other than letters and pamphlets. At each annual meeting candidates for elective office will: a) be issued ribbons identifying them as candidates, to be attached to their name tags; and b) be asked to attend a forum, at which members will have the opportunity to meet and question the candidates. Candidate position statements and photographs may be placed on CLEAR's Web site.

When in staff's opinion, the basic financial requirements for offering an NCIT are met by a prospective host agency (currently 60 attendees for a Basic offering, 30 attendees for a Specialized), staff will proceed with entering into a contract on CLEAR's behalf. Staff may have the discretion to determine whether CLEAR should stand at risk for attracting the additional attendees through its routine solicitation methods. If there is a question of whether or not the financial guidelines will be met, staff may seek approval from the Board of Directors.

The duties of a Board member and the President should include components that reflect the outreach and inclusiveness of CLEAR.

Staff will advertise in CLEAR News a Call for Nominations in the spring of each year, using the existing award criteria. Upon receipt of nominations staff will review the applications to determine if the individual/program ostensible meets the requirements and that the nomination is complete. If more than one person/agency has been nominated for any of the awards, the President of the Board will appoint an ad hoc committee to review the applications and make recommendations to the Board. If only one individual/program agency is nominated for the award no committee review will be required. The Board will receive copies of the applications and meet by conference call to make the final decision on all awards. No sitting member of the Board of Directors may be recommended for a CLEAR award.

It is the responsibility of the Board to provide the vision, direction and leadership for the organization. To fulfill this responsibility, a vision statement will be developed and reviewed every three years. In addition, the board will develop a thee year strategic plan that will include goals and objectives, and is updated on an annual basis. An environmental scan will be conducted to support the strategic planning process. The budget will reflect the strategic priorities. The strategic plan will be published for the membership on an annual basis and presented during the annual conference.

In the case of an election tie for any elective office, the board shall vote, and board members that are candidates will recuse themselves.

The executive director will bring any issues, suggestions or alternatives to the Board of Directors that require the Board's attention.