CLEAR's 19th Annual Meeting Will Explore Regulatory Issues Affecting the Next Millennium

By Maria Turner

Join your regulatory colleagues at the 19th annual CLEAR conference to be held September 1 - 4, 1999 in Portland, Oregon. While the sessions will not discuss ways to fix any Y2K problems you might still be facing, the presenters will discuss topics that should help you become a better regulator in the next century. Based upon the technological leaps during the last five years of the 20th Century, imagine what advances will occur during the first five years of the 21st Century. Various sessions in each of the four conference tracks – Credentialing & Exam Issues; Professional Discipline; Management & Administration; and Legislative & Policy Issues – will highlight the future.

For instance, what will credentialing exams look like "In the Year 2525?" While the speakers may not be able to project that far ahead, they will be forecasting the way exams will be developed and administered over the next ten years. Or, can regulators more efficiently use the web in order to improve upon their accomplishments? Tips for effective searches will be offered in "Through the Looking Glass". Can you become a better juggler of "Reconciling Public Protection with Professional Interest?" What steps must regulators begin to take in order to balance the two issues. Will you be able to regulate "Cyberspace Practice" or should you even try? Panelists will try to help you develop a perspective on this important topic for the 21st Century.

Three plenary sessions will focus on the future. Clem Bezold, a nationally recognized futurist who works with the federal government, will focus on "Reinventing Government to Meet the Challenges of the Future." Another session will involve several speakers who will address how interactive technology has changed and will continue to change the way in which regulation is conducted. Our final key speaker will take us forward 100 years and provide us with a view of what CLEAR and regulation will be like as we enter the 22nd Century. Now, that’s really blue skying!

Naturally, there will also be sessions dealing with current topics that surround regulators, investigators, attorneys, board members, etc. in their daily routine. Can investigations be handled more effectively? If you work with examinations, are you knowledgeable as to how an examination should be constructed in order to be valid? Do you know how to manage staff in order to obtain both efficiency and effectiveness? Are there alternative methods for handling disputes? Each of these topics, and many more, will provide regulators with assistance in their day-to-day activities.

Separate roundtable discussions for autonomous board administrators and for central agency administrators will be conducted. Other roundtables will focus on legal issues, international issues, investigations, and health issues. The focus of these sessions may be limited to a specific topic or group of individuals, but the discussions will be as broad as the participants wish!

Whether the CLEAR ‘99 conference is your first or your nineteenth, you’re certain to find a wealth of information that can be shared with others in your agency. In addition to spending time in formal sessions, the informal interaction among attendees can prove equally valuable and productive. Sharing with and learning from others has been a consistent CLEAR goal!