Remembering Bruce Douglas
CLEAR 1989-90 President

August 17, 1946
March 25, 2004.

Bruce was an outstanding administrator who understood the public protection purpose of professional regulation. He met challenges head-on, often tackling difficult issues that needed attention.  Most important of all,  Bruce was that rare individual who truly understood the meaning of friendship and the art of living a joyful life.  He wasn't with us very often during his retirement, but always took time before our meetings to say  "Have some fun for me." We always tried to do as he wanted and it is in that spirit that we share these photos of Bruce's time with CLEAR.
                                                                                                     Pam Brinegar and Kara Schmitt


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With Kara Schmitt

Florida - 1986


With Kara


With Joe Garcia and Rene Ramirez

Homer, Alaska - 1996


Dude ranch

outside Kansas City 1987



San Antonio, TX - 1995


Just Bruce


Extending a greeting hand

1989 Leadership Transition - Indianapolis, IN


With Pam Brinegar - 1993

Sardine Factory, Monterey, CA


With Donna Mooney, Bill Miller and Kara Schmitt



about 1988


Bruce and Kara
handling CLEAR's first major crisis

Lexington, KY - 1988



Bruce politely protesting having his picture taken

With Rene

2004 The Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation