Board Seeks Comments on Proposed Bylaws Changes

The CLEAR Board of Directors puts forward the following proposed Bylaws changes to the membership for comment:

Amend Article VI, Section 6 to read:

The Education and Training Committee shall consist of at least one person appointed from the Board of Directors and other regular or associate members of CLEAR who are not members of the Board of Directors and shall include at least the following subcommittees: the National Certified Investigator and Inspector Training (NCIT) Subcommittee, and the Publications Subcommittee, and the Training and Development Subcommittee.

Article VI, Section 6, add subsection (e):

provide development support for CLEAR educational offerings, excluding the NCIT program and the annual conference.

Amend Article VI, Section 8 to read:

The Site Selection Committee shall consist of a member of the Board of Directors and no more than at least seven other regular and/or associate members.

Please send your comments on the proposed changes to Pam Brinegar, CLEAR, 403 Marquis Ave., Ste. 100, Lexington, KY 40502, or fax to 606/231-1943. The deadline for receiving comments is Friday, July 24, 1998.