Frequently Asked Questions About Licensing Exams

 Certifying boards and test development

CLEAR Exam Review (Winter 1995)
Norman Hertz

Question: What is the role of board members in the examination development and scoring process?

Answer: The role of board members should be limited to approving or disapproving the products and recommendations from the examination committee or contractor. The rationale for limited involvement is based upon several considerations.

First, boards should be able to independently and objectively evaluate the quality of the examination programs. When board members are involved in development, the evaluation is no longer independent or objective.

Second, in the case of security breaches, board members who were involved in developing the examination programs may become suspects.

Third, a board member may be subject to pressure from some candidates to grant special considerations.

Fourth, licensed board members are usually viewed as experts. Because of their background and board membership, their presence in test development or passing score workshops has undue influence on the decisions reached during the workshop.

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