International News

By Adam Parfitt

Update on changes to the United Kingdom Central Council

The last edition of CLEAR News included a story about reforms underway in the United Kingdom that will result in the replacement of the United Kingdom Central Council (UKCC). The UKCC, the disciplinary body for nurses and midwives and health visitors and the five national boards that oversee education, will be replaced by a new and smaller body of which at least one-third will be public members. In a written statement from the UKCC, CLEAR was asked to clarify that the reforms were not the result of controversial professional conduct cases. Rather, the review was a regular periodic scrutiny of the type that happens to all public bodies in the United Kingdom. Indeed, the UKCC published its own submission to the review, much of which was adopted, and has welcomed the review. CLEAR News will continue to provide updates on the regulatory changes affecting the UKCC and other regulatory bodies as details become available.

CLEAR web site offers links to regulatory bodies around the world

Ever wondered how the regulation of professions and occupations is carried out in the rest of the world? If so, CLEAR's web site at ( aims to provide the links to answers. As part of the initiative to allow CLEAR members to further their knowledge of regulation around the globe, visitors to CLEAR's web site can now follow links to regulatory bodies in Asia, Australasia, North America and Europe at http:// The links, organized by continent, offer the chance to visit the homepages of colleagues in other parts of the world to learn about the roles their agency, college, board or association play in professional and occupational regulation.

There is a wealth of information on the internet and we have only begun to collect the addresses of regulatory sites around the globe. If you find a web site of a body involved in regulation of the professions or occupations that you think should be included on CLEAR's web site, please forward it to CLEAR staff at

British and American Architects Explore Mutual Recognition

The Architects Registration Board of the United Kingdom (ARB) and representatives from American architectural organizations recently met to explore mutual recognition of licensing standards. Meeting in Washington D.C. over a two-day period, representatives presented their respective processes for the evaluation and validation of education, training and examination required for licensing architects.

In a written statement issued jointly by the ARB and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards of the United States of America (NCARB), both parties agreed that while it may take years to complete the full process, they would continue to explore strategies, maintain regular communication, and define the steps that could lead to mutual recognition of architectural licensure standards.

A copy of the full statement can be found at the NCARB web site at