David Montgomery Named Director of Regulatory Study

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Regulation and Licensure has initiated a two-year project to study Nebraska's regulatory system for facilities and health professionals. The goal is to develop model legislation for both facility regulation and health professional regulation. The intended date of completion of all phases of this project is December 1, 1998. David Montgomery, immediate past president of CLEAR, has been named project director.

The project, titled "Nebraska Credentialing Reform 2000," will create a policy statement to define both the rationale for regulation of health care activities and services in Nebraska and the proper role of government in such regulation.

The department intends for the model legislation emerging from this project to create a regulatory system that provides better health care services for Nebraskans, realizes cost savings, results in greater accountability, and establishes a simpler, more efficient regulatory system.

During its first year, the project will focus on developing a model regulatory system for facilities. The second year of the project will focus on developing a model for the regulation of health occupations and professions.

Nebraska's active sunrise program will be given elements to be reviewed after the review of health professionals has been completed.

During the previous calendar year, Nebraska's sunrise program reviewed a proposal to certify dialysis technicians. Although this proposal did not receive a favorable recommendation, the review underlined the need for education and training of assistive personnel in health care facilities. Over forty proposals have been reviewed by the sunrise program since it was created in 1985. A complete list of available reports may be obtained by contacting Ronald Briel at (402) 471-2337 (phone) or (402) 471-0180 (fax).