New in Our Library

Consumer and Enrollee Participation in Managed Care Plan Governance,Policy Making and Operations: A Survey of Health Plans and Legal Requirements

Rebecca A. Cohen and David A. Swankin. Washington, D.C.:Citizen Advocacy Center, 1998. [26 pp.; $25]

Removing Barriers/Improving Care:Report from a Consensus Development Project to Promote Regulatory Change that Removes Unneccessary Barriers to the Full Use of Competent Health Care Professionals in Nursing Homes

National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform and Citizen Advocacy Center. Washington, D.C.:National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform, 1998. [63 pp.; $20]

Proceedings from Forum on the Regulatory Management of Chemically Dependent Health Care Practitioners

Washington, D.C.:Citizen Advocacy Center, 1998. [157 pp.; $30]

Three recent publications of the Citizen Advocacy Center discuss many aspects of health care reform of interest to regulatory boards and consumers. Consumer and Enrollee Participation, Removing Barriers/Improving Care,and Proceedings deal with many topics including: the decision making process in managed care plans; regulatory changes to improve nursing home care; and proposed models to deal with chemically dependent practitioners, respectively.

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