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Improving Public Policy for Regulating Maine's Health Professions: A Report to the Governor and the Maine Legislature by Judy C. Kany and Saskia D. Janes. Augusta, Maine: Medical Care Development, Inc., 1997. [75 pp.; $10 report price, $7 appendices price]

Improving Public Policy for Regulating Maine's Health Professionsresulted from a four-year study to create a health professions licensing system that better protects the public, provides a stronger relationship between licensing and competency and encourages overlapping scopes of practice. Led by a veteran member of Maine's legislature, the project grew out of a legislative charge to fully utilize health care practitioners.

This extremely readable report succinctly analyzes recent trends and events transforming health care regulation in the U.S., like the 1995 Pew recommendations, managed care and telemedcine. The process used to guide the project--a model of successful collaboration--is clearly explained. Twenty-six policy recommendations conclude the report.

Although directed to state policy makers, regulators, practitioners, and even consumers can gain useful information from this report. To order, write Lisa Rollins at Medical Care Development, Inc., 11 Parkwood Dr., Augusta, ME 04330, or call 207/622-7566.

AASCB Manual for New Board Members by the American Association of State Counseling Boards. Warrensburg, MO: AASCB, 1997. [20 pp.; $5]

Written for new appointees to state counseling regulatory boards, the American Association of State Counseling Boards' (AASCB) Manual for New Board Members summarizes typical board responsibilities and procedures. Its clarity and relevance make it an invaluable reference tool for counseling boards, either as a primary or supplementary source of training.

Section I lists the general governance responsibilities and powers of boards, procedures for handling complaints, sunrise/sunset laws and types of disciplinary sanctions.

Section II contains AASCB's disciplinary action manual, which details their national database of all actions taken by states against licensed professional counselors.

Section III includes excerpts from Robert's Rules of Order on principles of parliamentary law and procedures.

To order, write AASCB, 14 Ruby Field Court, Baltimore, MD 21209, or call 410/486-8127.