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1997 Directory of Engineering and Technology Certification Programs by Tracy S. Tillman, Ph.D. and the staff of the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards. Annapolis, MD: American Academy of Environmental Engineers, 1997 [119 pp.; $45.00 + $4.75 s/h]

Although interest in voluntary certification of engineering and technological specialists continues to grow, there has been little or no information available on existing certification programs. Additionally, persons seeking an objective assessment of a specialist's capability and competence have had virtually no recourse.

The 1997 Directory of Engineering and Technology Certification Programs fills that void. Section One provides information about the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Board (CESB) that was created in 1990 by the engineering and technology communities to accredit certification programs. A listing of certification programs currently accredited by CESB and the criteria employed when granting accreditation is also included.

Section Two, compiled by Tracy S. Tillman, Ph.D., presents a detailed description of programs currently granting certifications in engineering and technology specialties. Appendices include contact information for certification/registration standards groups; examination development and administrative services; and a summary of administrators' comments on common practices.

To obtain a copy of the directory, contact the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, 130 Holiday Court, Suite 100, Annapolis, MD 21401. Call 410/266-3766 or fax 410/266-7653.

The Book of the States, 1996-97 Edition, Volume 31 by The Council of State Governments. Lexington, KY: Council of State Governments, 1996 [566 pp.; $99 hardback, $79 paperback, $249 CD-ROM + s/h]

Called "the Encyclopedia of State Government," the 1996-97 edition of The Book of the States is one of the most comprehensive reference books on state government available. Brief essays, tables, charts and graphs contain valuable facts on the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government-all in one easy-to-use manual.

Some of the topics covered include: campaign finance laws, trends and forecasts, lobbyists regulation and reporting, general revenue by source and by state, term limits and elections, salaries of government officials, state constitutional changes, contacts for all branches of state government, and much more.

To order, contact the Council of State Governments at 1-800-800-1910. A 20% discount is offered to state government officials.

Engineering Licensure Laws: A State-by-State Summary and Analysis compiled by the National Society of Professional Engineers. Washington, D.C.: NSPE, 1997 [500 pp.; $170 or $70 for NSPE members + $7 s/h]

Engineering Licensure Laws, a 500-plus-page manual that details engineering licensing provisions in each state, is the most comprehensive summary of engineering licensure laws ever compiled. Designed primarily for engineering societies, PE licensing authorities, departments of professional and occupational regulation, attorneys general, state legislatures, and engineering schools and libraries, the manual should also prove useful for engineering and design firms, attorneys, PEs practicing in multiple states, and corporations.

Contained within the study are summaries, analyses and complete reports on trends and differences among jurisdictions, aggregate data on the laws, and model and regulatory provisions in areas such as licensure board composition, requirements for licensure, definitions of practice, exemptions, enforcement and more. The manual also includes comparisons to the Model Law endorsed by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, as well as NSPE's policies on licensing.

NSPE plans to update the manual on a two-year cycle coinciding with the biennial legislative sessions. The first update will be issued late 1998.

To order, contact NSPE customer service by phone at 703/684-4811, by fax at 703/836-4875, or by e-mail at

State Leadership Directories 1997 by the Council of State Governments. Lexington, KY: The Council of State Governments, 1997. [3 volumes; $45 each paperback or $150 each CD-ROM + s/h]

State Leadership Directories 1997 is a set of three volumes with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the key executive-branch officials, members of the House and Senate, legislative leadership, supreme court justices and high-ranking administrators in state government.

Directory One-Legislative Officials is an easy-to-read sourcebook with contact information for state elective officials in fifty states and six U.S. jurisdictions. Directory Two-Legislative Leadership, Committees and Staff offers timely information about legislative leadership in all the states. Directory Three-Administrative Officials helps you easily locate high-ranking officials in state government.

For $6.00 more, the paperback books can be three-hole punched so they may be stored in the State Leadership Directory Binder. If you purchase both the print edition and CD-ROM you will receive a 20% discount. A 20% discount is also offered to state government officials.

To order, contact the Council of State Governments at 1-800-800-1910.