President's Column


As my year as President and CLEAR's seventeenth year in existence both draw to a close, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on where we've been and where we're headed in the future.

Those who have played a role in CLEAR's endeavors to date can be proud of their accomplishments. CLEAR has grown from the idea of a few visionaries to an organization representative of all entities involved with occupational and professional regulation. CLEAR has kept pace with changing regulatory issues, such as telepractice and continued competence, to keep its members informed and involved.

In 1997, CLEAR offered exceptional programming with two healthcare workforce symposia, ten Basic National Certified Investigator/Inspector (NCIT) programs, six Specialized NCIT programs, and a program entitled "Partners in Professional Regulation" that brought the many stakeholders in occupational and professional regulation together. The year concluded in Norfolk, Virginia with CLEAR's Seventeenth Annual Conference, "The Changing Tides of Regulation," which attracted over 400 participants from the regulatory arena. I thank everyone who devoted their energy and talents to make this past year such a success.

The future holds many challenges, but CLEAR can meet them with strong leadership and the continued support and inspiration of its membership. As international issues increasingly dominate the regulatory scene, CLEAR must develop educational programs and resources to guide regulators through a new frontier in regulation. This should prove an exciting opportunity for CLEAR, one which, if met successfully, will firmly establish our association as the premiere resource for occupational and professional regulators.

I am proud to have been part of this past year's success, and look forward to my continuing association with CLEAR, as a member of the Executive Committee and beyond.