President's Column


I hope everyone is having a great spring! The weather was very cooperative for the Board of Directors' recent retreat in Lexington, permitting us to avoid the flooding that plagued central Kentucky before our arrival. The trip provided Board members an opportunity to visit the new headquarters building for the first time and to finally meet Sue Hensley, CLEAR's staffer who always "holds down the fort" while the rest of staff comes to us. Of course, we also enjoyed seeing all the other staff members in their natural habitat as well.

During its retreat, the Board identified a number of strategic issues CLEAR must address, primarily its governance structure and various financial and membership issues. The Board will continue to work throughout the spring and summer to develop an updated strategic planning document incorporating and prioritizing these and related issues. In September, prior to the annual conference, the Board will again retreat to finalize the new planning document, which will guide CLEAR's activities for the upcoming three to five years.

As CLEAR continues to mature, it must work doubly hard to remain the collective of experts in the field of occupational and professional regulation. To accomplish this, the input and volunteer efforts of all members is needed. For starters, I ask you to assist us in thinking strategically about CLEAR's future. As part of the process of developing the new planning document, I decided to solicit two things from CLEAR members for inclusion in the draft: 1) topical subjects on which CLEAR should become the acknowledged expert and 2) ideas for enhancing CLEAR's financial base while expanding or improving its current membership services. It would be very useful to receive ideas that place strong reliance on volunteer efforts, especially if the idea results in an expansion of CLEAR's revenue base. Please send suggestions to me, c/o CLEAR headquarters, by July 31.

Finally, I'd like to encourage you to participate in CLEAR's Professional Regulation Stakeholders: The Second Symposium, scheduled June 2-3 at the Phoenix Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. The symposium will continue the exploration begun last year of how professional regulation stakeholders may best work together to protect the consumer. This will be an exciting, cutting-edge meeting that couldn't be more timely.