President's Column


As CLEAR's fiscal year comes to a close, it pleases me to be able to mention a number of things that happened in rapid succession during the last few weeks. First, we owe a debt of gratitude to Charlotte Kinney, Administrator of the New Mexico Board of Dental Health Care for hosting the latest in a series of health care workforce symposia. This offering gets stronger every time we do it, and we all look forward to the next opportunity.

Second, those of you who took advantage of the invitation in my last column to attend our June symposium in Washington, D.C., know what an extraordinarily good program it was. It is possible that this offering may join the health care workforce symposia on the road, rotating among host states or provinces that want to bring this specialized discussion to their area.

Third, the second week in June, a study team representing the Joint Select Committee on the Health Care Complaints Commission of the New South Wales, Australia parliament visited CLEAR, along with the commission's executive director. Joining CLEAR in a lively exchange with our visitors were representatives of several Kentucky agencies including the Legislative Research Commission, the Board of Nursing, the Division of Occupations and Professions, the Board of Dentistry, and the Emergency Medical Services as well as our affiliate, The Council of State Governments.

Finally, we will close the year with another pair of overflowing National Certified Investigator/Inspector Training (NCIT) programs, both Basic and Specialized, once again in Austin, Texas. As you all know, this program, too, rotates by invitation among the states and provinces.

This highly successful year has been possible because of the commitment and volunteer spirit you have shown and I know will continue to show. The new fiscal year looks just as bright as this one has been. Thank you for all of your support and please visit our web site regularly at to get the latest information on programs, projects and publications.