President's Column


Since there are essentially only two opportunities for the CLEAR community to conduct its business face-to-face--at annual and midyear meetings--some members may be left feeling out of the loop during the rest of the year. Therefore, I'd like to approach my column differently in my year as president. Instead of discussing broader regulatory issues, I will use this space as a forum for discussing the important CLEAR business that goes on in-between meetings. Hopefully, this will help everyone remain informed and active in CLEAR business throughout the year.

Since the last annual business meeting in Norfolk, the Board of Directors has approved several motions by conference call, including:

A motion to hold the 1999 midyear business meeting at the Mills House in Charleston, South Carolina, January 14-16. The room rate will be $114.

A motion to hold the 2000 annual conference and business meetings at the Wyndham Hotel in Miami-Biscayne Bay, Florida, September 12-16. The room rate will be $112 single/double.

A motion to hold the 2001 annual conference at the Hyatt on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas, September 11-15. The room rate will be $138 single, $150 double.

A motion to hand out next year's CLEAR awards at the opening conference reception, instead of the luncheon.

A motion to explore holding a conference on international issues with Global Alliance for Transnational Education and possibly other associations.

Also, the Program Committee announced, and the Board approved, the theme for CLEAR's 1998 Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado: "Charting a Course for 21st Century Regulation." CLEAR staff is currently working with a graphic artist to develop artwork before January's New Orleans meeting.

Finally, I'd like to thank the Board and the newly appointed committee members for all their hard work in preparation for the January meeting. Their increased communication and coordination with staff has already improved CLEAR's efficiency. If the trend continues, we will accomplish much in the year ahead.