President's Column


I want to thank you for the privilege of serving as CLEAR's President during the past year. It has been a time marked by challenges of organizational growth and maturity. The manner in which the membership and the Board of Directors handled difficult, sometimes even emotional, issues demonstrates a willingness to ensure that our association maintains its vitality. Your comments on the recently advertised Bylaws changes were overwhelmingly positive and, when the vote was called, the Board agreed with you. By reducing its unwieldy governance structure, CLEAR will now have an extremely solid foundation on which all its projects and programs can rely.

Both CLEAR's programs and its projects continued to meet or exceed expectations this past year. You have once again provided the many levels of support necessary to sustain an annual conference, the Basic and Specialized National Certified Investigator/Inspector Training (NCIT), our second Canadian regional meeting, CLEAR News, and CLEAR Exam Review. The products generated through a telepractice project are available online at, which is a site worth visiting for any question you have about CLEAR.

Although I am proud of those accomplishments, it is not a single public activity that provided my deepest personal satisfaction as CLEAR President, but rather a large step toward organizational security. Two years ago, CLEAR's Board of Directors established financial goals for the organization. These are five-year strategic goals that began with the fiscal year ended in June and are intended to establish an appropriate reserve fund. The external auditor has come and gone. His forthcoming report will confirm that CLEAR has exceeded the Board's goal. It took a concerted effort to accomplish that result and will take a similar effort to "hold the line" in the upcoming years, but I know that if we all remain committed, it is easily achievable.

This September, Linda Siderius will take over as CLEAR President. As the author of the Bylaws changes that led to (Continued on page 6) the revised governance structure, as well as a veteran of many, many committees, she is well prepared to assume the office. Again, thank you for providing me this forum. Now I think it is appropriate that Linda have some space to make a few comments:

Under James Moore's leadership, we were able to take a critical look at our organizational structure. Recognizing that we need to put our resources where our talents are, the Board of Director's streamlined CLEAR's operations and committee structure to reflect our strength in providing information and support to the professional regulatory community. This new structure will let CLEAR members and associates showcase the wealth of talent and resources that exist in our midst. The talent and resources among our members is much to be proud of. It is my goal to encourage CLEAR to provide opportunities for its members in the next year to share this talent with our national and international colleagues. I look forward to working with all of you. See you in Denver!

Linda Siderius, President-Elect

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