CLEAR News - Winter 2005


By Linda Waters
December 2005


As this year draws to a close, I want to take a moment to thank you for your involvement in CLEAR and let you know of some of the exciting initiatives that are underway for 2006. In the days following CLEAR�s 25th anniversary conference in Phoenix, work had already begun on the content for the 2006 meeting to be held September 14- 16 in Alexandria, Virginia.  Given the tumultuous events that have occurred in the past year, it is appropriate that we examine what role CLEAR should  have when unanticipated events occur.  Our theme for the 2006 Annual Conference will be�Expect the Unexpected: Are We Clearly Prepared?�. CLEAR continues to welcome session proposals by January 3 for online submissions or January 12 for on-site submissions at the mid-year meeting.   

Next month CLEAR committee members will meet in sunny Charleston, South Carolina for the midyear meeting, January 12-14. In two and a half days, sixteen committees and CLEAR�s Board of Directors will meet.  We will leave Charleston with much of the 2006 conference program in place. For those of you interested in shaping the content of the program, the direction of the organization, and by extension the field in which we work, I hope you will plan to attend this important meeting. There�s still time to sign up for membership on one of CLEAR�s committees.  A committee participation form is available, as is a description about the role of each committee. Whether this is your first CLEAR mid-year meeting or your twenty-fifth, you are welcome.  

Following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, CLEAR received a number of inquiries about sending licensees into the area, as well as requests for information about handling applications from displaced professionals, who were unable to present documentation of credentials. A CLEAR working group has just released its preliminary report outlining emergency preparedness plans in place, state and federal resources available and links to guides about future preparedness. My thanks go to the dedicated group who prepared this report in such a timely manner and to those of you who provided comment and additional resources to supplement this important information. 

Planning is also underway for a web-based seminar focusing on Documentation and Authenticity (Fraudulent Credentials), which is to be offered in the spring. CLEAR recognizes the value of year-round educational offerings and hopes this will be the first in the series of CLEAR Calls. Additional information will be sent out via CLEARs popular listserve, to which I would invite you to subscribe, and will also be included on our recently revamped website

I am delighted to serve as president at such an exciting time in the life of this organization and look forward to a productive year ahead. With your help, CLEARs future will be as illustrious as its first 25 years. I look forward to Charleston and to seeing you there.