Siderius Chosen President-Elect; Two New Board Members Elected by Membership

Linda Siderius, Deputy Attorney General, Colorado Office of the Attorney General, was elected CLEAR 1997-98 President-Elect in September during CLEAR's annual business meetings.

Siderius has supervision and managerial responsibilities for all lawyers and support staff representing, among others, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. Active in CLEAR since 1990, Linda has served on a wide variety of committees and spoken on a number of topics. She holds a B.S. in nursing and a Juris Doctor.

CLEAR's new Board members are Mack Smith and Carl Williams. Mack is the Executive Secretary of the Kansas State Board of Mortuary Arts. Most recently, he chaired the ad hoc Autonomous Boards Committee and served as a member of the Membership Committee and the Management and Administration Subcommittee of the Program Committee. He has been a regular conference presenter and attendee.

Carl is Executive Director of the Ohio Board of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers. Recently, he served on the ad hoc Autonomous Boards and Health Issues Committees as well as the Legislative and Policy Issues Subcommittee of the Program Committee. He holds an M.S. in Public Administration and, prior to his current position as a state regulator, worked two years for the Ohio House of Representatives.

The membership returned all four incumbent candidates for members on the Board: Lisa Russell Hahn, Virginia Department of Health Professions; Charlotte Kinney, New Mexico Board of Dental Health Care; John Mirone, Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy; and Margaret Risk, College of Nurses of Ontario.

Linda Siderius is the last President-Elect to be chosen by CLEAR's Board of Directors. Beginning with the 1998 annual election, the President-Elect will be chosen by the membership.