Spring 2004 Newsletter (Volume 21, No. 1)

President's Column
By Deanna Williams
It is hard to believe, but as I write this, I am already half-way through my presidency. The months since our Toronto conference last September have been full, as always, with activity and thanks to our Program Committee-so ably chaired by Rose McCool and Donna Mooney-a fantastic program for the Kansas City conference is now being finalized.

Environmental and Related Professions
by Heather S. Brinegar
We are all aware that the allied health professions constitute one of the fastest growing areas of professional and occupational regulation. Often attracting less attention than recently regulated health fields, but expanding just as rapidly, are the environmental and related professions.

Board Actions
The Board of Directors took the following actions during the January 9, 2004 meeting.

Bylaws Change
The CLEAR Board of Directors invites comment from the membership on the the following proposed bylaws change which is intended to clarify the board�s expectation of its International Relations Subcommittee.

CLEAR Net News

Naturopaths - Path to Licensure
As the 2004 legislative sessions get underway, one issue at hand is the regulation of naturopathic physicians.  Bills are being introduced or re-introduced in a number of states calling for licensure of the profession.

Call for Board Nominations

CLEAR's Board of Directors wishes to solicit nominations for 2004-2006 members of its Board of Directors as well as for the position of 2004-2005 President-Elect. The board seat reserved for an associate member position is open for nominations.


Call for CLEAR Awards Nominations
CLEAR is now accepting submissions for its 2004 awards program which culminates in the recognition of recipients at the organization's annual conference. 

International News
On January 13, 2004 the European Commission released its much-anticipated proposal on services in the internal market. The proposed Directive would require Member States to reduce administrative burdens in order to increase competitiveness and engage more effectively in cross-border activity.

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Pam Brinegar
, Executive Director

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