Summer/Fall 2001 Newsletter (Volume 18, No. 2)

President's Column
By Donna H. Mooney
Seven years ago when I wrote my first column as your President, the occasion was marked by an orderly leadership transition. This past year has been anything but orderly.

CLEAR Annual Conference Scheduled for January 2002
As most everyone is aware it was necessary to cancel the CLEAR Annual conference in San Antonio in September due to the terrorist attacks and the subsequent suspension of airline travel. 

New York Seeks Information on Illegal Practice
The New York State Education Department, Office of Professional Discipline (OPD) recently conducted a nationwide survey to ascertain how the various states respond to allegations of illegal practice of licensed professions.

Model Law for Licensing of Engineers
Engineering Times
recently reported that the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) has approved a new PE Licensure Model with the goal of having it implemented in state licensing laws across the country. (More)

The Virginia Board of Medicine�s Practitioner Information Project
The Virginia Board of Medicine is proud to announce the launch of its Practitioner Information Website ( July 24, 2001.

Outgoing President's Message
By Lisa Russell Hahn
This letter was initially intended to greet you with your registration material as you arrived in San Antonio for our conference but due to the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001, we found it necessary to cancel the CLEAR Annual Conference. 

Pass/Fail Decisions: Subject to Tweaking
by Anne Paxton
Computer hackers often refer to a "fudge factor" as a value or parameter that is varied in an ad hoc way to produce the desired result. A fudge factor can often be tweaked in more than one direction, making it useful when results don’t come out the way people like them.

New on CLEAR's Website
First of all, if you haven't visited the Website in a while, take a moment to do so. The site ( has received a "makeover," and the comments received so far are very positive.

International News
In preparation for the next World Trade Organization (WTO ( ministerial meeting, submissions have been received regarding proposals on trade liberalization in the legal, accounting, and architectural professions.

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CLEAR is a dynamic forum for improving the quality and understanding of regulation in order to enhance public protection

Pam Brinegar
, Executive Director
Scott Seymour, Editor

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