Summer 2002 Newsletter (Volume 19, No. 2)

President's Column
By Donna H. Mooney
This certainly is turning out to be a banner year for CLEAR. In the winter 2001 issue, I announced the formation of CLEAR's Associated Regulatory Investigators online group Associated Regulatory Investigators

Expanded Immunity for Regulators from Civil Liability
In November of 2001, the Supreme Court of Canada indicated that regulators usually cannot be found liable for negligence in the conduct of their regulatory responsibilities

Hello Las Vegas!
Highlights of this year's meeting include:
September 11 Pre-conference Workshop on Ethics 
September 11-12 Business Meetings
September 12 Orientation to CLEAR
September 12-14 Annual Conference & Board Member Training


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2002: Early Returns
by Anne Paxton
Amount of campaign contributions to California legislators made by Big Five companies between January 2001 and February 2002: $235,000


Education and Licensing of Residential Mortgage Loan Originators: Wide Variation from State to State
By Andrea Lee Negroni
This article examines the wide variation in educational requirements applicable to licensed mortgage companies and mortgage loan brokers in the states.


International News
In an attempt to facilitate greater free movement of professionals, the European Commission (EC) has forwarded a proposal to the European Parliament and Council of Ministers

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CLEAR is a dynamic forum for improving the quality and understanding of regulation in order to enhance public protection

Pam Brinegar
, Executive Director
Adam Parfitt,

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