CLEAR News - Summer 2003


By Mack Smith
June 2003

I hope that everyone has their calendars marked for CLEAR's Annual Conference �Pushing the Boundaries of Regulation� in Toronto on September 11-13.  In addition to the annual conference, CLEAR's National Certified Investigator/Inspector Training (NCIT) programs (both basic and specialized) will be held just prior to the conference on September 8-10.  If you've already completed both the basic and specialized NCIT programs, how about CLEAR's Regulatory Leadership Development Training Program�also on September 8-10?  A copy of the curriculum syllabus for this three day program is in the convention brochure and includes �Creating a Positive Public Relations Program�, �Creating an Appropriate Working Relationship with Legislators� and �Regulatory Leadership.�  This is a new and exciting program that addresses areas of concern to all of us, and I hope you will consider attending.  The registration deadline for the convention and pre-convention programs is August 15, so I encourage you to make plans now.  The Conference Headquarters Hotel is the Westin Harbour Castle where the cut-off date for reservations is August 7th.  If you have not yet received a conference brochure�or if you would like additional copies to distribute to board members or any other potential attendees, please contact the CLEAR office.

CLEAR�s training programs serve increasing numbers of investigators and inspectors from facilities regulation programs. In fact, in several states, licensing of many professions/occupations is located in the same agency with facilities regulation. CLEAR�s Board of Directors has decided to take its service to this group an additional step by offering annual conference programming for facilities regulators.  Beginning with the 2004 meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, facilities regulators will receive a half-day of programming designed to meet their specific needs.  Participants then will move on to suggested conference sessions and a wrap-up meeting on the last afternoon. To get this new project started, I�m inviting interested regulators to participate in an initial planning session in Toronto on Wednesday, September 10. If you�d like to be involved in this group, please let either CLEAR staff or me know. Between now and then, we�re going to begin developing resources for facilities regulators on CLEAR�s Web site. We�re open to suggestions on what you�d like to see in this area, so do let us hear from you.

Id like to take a few lines to thank once again those of you who put in the hard work it takes to maintain CLEAR as the premier organization for professional and occupational licensing officials. One thing I appreciate about CLEAR is that it has not lost its flexibility as it has matured as an organization. CLEAR remains responsive to the changing needs of its members even during these extraordinary times. In large part, we owe that to your continued input and participation. Im proud to represent such a hard-working group of volunteers.