Summer 2004 Newsletter (Volume 21, No. 2)

President's Column
By Deanna Williams
The year continues to move speedily, with activities at CLEAR moving just as rapidly. We've just completed several successful investigator and inspector training programs and will provide board member training to the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and Department of Health later this month.

2004 Conference Update
Join us in the City of Fountains for CLEAR's 2004 conference - 21st Century Regulation: "Show Me" What Works.

Genetic Counselors Licensure
As research in the field of genetics progresses, many difficult questions arise.  One question raising attention in state legislatures is "Should genetic counselors be licensed?"

Debate over Licensure of Florists
The Louisiana Horticulture Commission licenses the state's florists, requiring them to pass a two-part licensing exam.  Recently, three plaintiffs have filed a federal lawsuit to have the licensing law declared unconstitutional.

CLEAR Net News

North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners
This article, submitted by Christa Louise, Executive Director of NABNE, is a follow-up to the article on licensing of naturopaths presented in the Spring 2004 issue.

CAC's Road Map to Continuing Competency Assurance

The Citizen Advocacy Center has recently released "Maintaining and Improving Health Professional Competence: The Citizen Advocacy Center Road Map to Continuing Competency Assurance."


Call for CLEAR Board Nominations
CLEAR's Board of Directors is continuing to solicit nominations for 2004-2006 members of its Board of Directors as well as for the position of 2004-2005 President-Elect. The deadline for nominations is July 16.


International News
A revised version of the proposed European Union Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications has cleared the first hurdle in The European Parliament en route to its adoption. 

Remembering Bruce Douglas

Calendar of Events (More)


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