CLEAR News - Summer 2004

Net News

Viewing CLEAR's Latest Web Pages
After a little sleuthing, we have realized that not all visitors to CLEAR's Web site view its latest version, which is unfortunate. If your computer does not automatically refresh every time you visit a Web site, it is important that you periodically clear your computer's cache which may contain earlier images of Web sites you've visited. To do this, right click on your Internet connection icon, then left click on Internet Properties.  Select Clear History and the earlier images will be removed.

Maximizing Your Website and Governance Presentations Online
Two recent CLEAR PowerPoint presentations are now available online:
Maximizing Your Website covers the importance of planning and maintaining this high profile organizational tool. Elements of a professional page and examples of how organizations use their Web pages are presented. There is also a companion page of Web Page Design Resources

Governance v. Management makes the point that while there are often no sharp lines between governance and management, they are quite separate activities.

The Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards has redesigned its Web site to provide, among other things, a case of the month. This month's case is HIPAA: How Is Practice Act Applicable?

Borderless Markets
The American Antitrust Institute has published A Report on European Movement "Toward a Borderless Market for Professional Services"  authored by international trade expert Bernard Ascher who takes a new look at an intriguing issue. He begins by writing: For years, the European Union has been working toward free movement of goods, services, capital and labor among its Member States to achieve a truly common market. Will its latest efforts help it reach that goal for services? And what are the implications for the United States? The report, along with numerous others, may be accessed through AAI's Web site or may be accessed directly.

New York State Education Department
The spring 2004 edition of the New York State Office of Higher Education's Bulletin is available exclusively online. The issue features a recruitment message from the State Board for Podiatry, updated information on the Statewide Plan for Higher Education, and an update on teacher certification provisions.

The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials has an extensive collection of links, including to national professional organizations as well as provincial and territorial professional organizations.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing has recently released several new publications, including Evidence-Based Regulation: A Regulatory Performance Measurement System, Report of Findings from the 2002 RN Practice Analysis Update, Report of Findings from the Practice and Professional Issues Survey, and Report of Findings from the 2003 Employers Survey.  Executive summaries and ordering information can be found online for the above publications and many other titles.