CLEAR News - Summer 2004


By Deanna Williams
June 2004

The year continues to move speedily, with activities at CLEAR moving just as rapidly. We've just completed several successful investigator and inspector training programs and will provide board member training to the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and Department of Health later this month.

All indications are that this year's conference will be very well attended, which is exciting. Program co-chairs Rose McCool and Donna Mooney are leading a well-orchestrated planning team that is preparing an excellent series of sessions. If you haven't looked over the conference flyer, please take a moment to see what you can expect during this year's meeting. Among other things, this year will mark the first US offering of the new Regulatory Leadership Development Training program.

CLEAR's Publications Subcommittee has launched a new members-only section of CLEAR's Web site containing annotated inventories. Recent inventory topics are Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans and  Maintenance of Certification Among Medical Specialty Boards. The Web site is one of CLEAR's most popular offerings and is constantly expanding to provide us with new resources. If there are areas relevant to professional and occupational regulation that you'd like to see added, please contact Webmaster Adam Parfitt.

I'm also pleased to let you know that CLEAR's Board of Directors will meet in Lexington, Kentucky on July 12. It's been a number of years since the board traveled to CLEAR's headquarters, so it is gratifying that we're able to visit the headquarters office this year. Members of the Advisory Committee on Strategic Initiatives have been invited to work with the board in Lexington on continuing the important planning process that began in January.  Once the Board of Directors is comfortable with the draft strategic plan, it will be placed on CLEAR's Web site and a ListServe message circulated to the membership soliciting your review and feedback. The final strategic plan will be ratified by the Board at its meeting in Kansas City.