Winter 2003 Newsletter (Volume 20, No. 4)

President's Column
By Deanna Williams
It's a pleasure to assume the leadership of this organization at a time when CLEAR is poised to move forward in so many productive ways.  My predecessor, Mack Smith, is to be commended for ensuring CLEAR's stability and, for the first time since the unexpected events of September 2001, refocusing its outlook toward the future.

CLEAR Pushes the Boundaries at Toronto Annual Conference
Attendees at CLEAR's 2003 Conference in Toronto were treated to more than 30 sessions on topics as diverse as "Defending Your Licensure Examination Program" and "National Security - Regulation and Emergency Preparedness." Sessions were both thought-provoking and informative and provided insight into regulatory practices that could be taken back and implemented in attendees' jurisdictions. 

Board Actions
The Board of Directors took the following actions during the September 11, 2003 meeting and the October 29, 2003 teleconference.

International News
October 2003 saw the European Commission release an overview of regulation in European Union (EU) member states that highlights different approaches across the continent.

CLEAR Net News

Benjamin Shimberg 1918-2003
The Loss of a Legend 
Benjamin Shimberg was a seminal thinker who not only believed, but also demonstrated, that one individual can make a difference in the lives of many.  His efforts focused regulatory legislative activity on protecting consumers rather than professions.

Report on Health Licensing Boards and Governance Structure

CLEAR received a copy of the Minnesota Health Licensing Boards' report on "Health Licensing Boards and Governance Structure."  Looking at governance structure for regulating health professionals, the report's purpose was to 1.) explore and clarify models of professional regulation; 2.) define what it means for regulating bodies to be "effective"; and 3.) describe models of occupational regulation in terms of the criteria for effectiveness.


Other News
*NABP launches practice examination for pharmacists preparing to take the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination.
*Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services issues final rule requiring foreign-educated health care professionals seeking temporary or permanent visas to obtain VisaScreen.
*National Council of State Boards of Nursing releases two new reports.

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CLEAR is a dynamic forum for improving the quality and understanding of regulation in order to enhance public protection

Pam Brinegar
, Executive Director

Stephanie Thompson,

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