CLEAR News - Winter 2000

Do We Have Your Web Address?

CLEAR now has the largest collection of links to professional and occupational regulatory boards, colleges and agencies on the World Wide Web, but it is still incomplete. New sites come online every day and, despite our best efforts to stay current, we may not know about your site. Please visit CLEAR's North American Web Page directory at and check to make certain we have listed your agency. If not, please submit your site's Web address by e-mailing Adam Parfitt at



NCIT Instructors Wanted
CLEAR has recently placed copies of its NCIT Instructor Application Forms online at and and welcomes responses from those interested. Potential instructors can apply on-line or can print out a copy of the evaluation forms and are then asked to submit those to CLEAR via fax at (859) 231-1943 or by mail.

NCIT instructors are eligible for compensation at the rate of $75 per instructional hour, in addition to having their flight and associated meal and room costs covered at the training site. CLEAR usually offers approximately ten training programs in the United States and Canada during the year, one of which is at the annual conference site.

Should you have any questions about the forms, or would like a paper copy of the application faxed to you, please contact Robin Works at (859) 269-1601.


NCS OpScan5 Scanner for Sale

CLEAR is pleased to provide readers of CLEAR News with the chance to buy an NCS Opscan Scanner 5. Designed to collect data to turn into actionable information, the Opscan range offers fast throughput and data transfer in a durable desktop model. Used in conjunction with NCS scannable documents and a pen or pencil to record responses, data is collected both quickly and accurately. The Opscan5 can be used to improve the efficiency of the following tasks: student testing; course evaluations; course scheduling; grade reporting; payroll; pre-employment testing; product/customer registration; skills assessments; student testing; surveys.

A full product description is available at

Readers are offered this outstanding product for $1995. For more information please contact Adam Parfitt at (859) 269-1503.

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