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CLEAR’s Regional Symposia are one-day workshops held in cities across North America. Each symposium features speakers and open forum discussions that address the issues and challenges faced by professional and occupational regulators. 

Two different topics will be offered in 2019. Toronto and Edmonton will host the topic "Responding to Social Change: Bringing Regulatory Bodies Beyond 'Should' and Towards 'Do,'" while Vancouver will host the topic "Cultural Awareness: Valuing Indigenous and Minority Populations in Professional Regulation."

Click the links below for each event to see specific details for that program, including the early bird discount deadline and information on any existing hotel accommodations.

2019 Regional Symposia


Responding to Social Change: Bringing Regulatory Bodies Beyond "Should" and Towards "Do"

Societal change requires regulators to respond in new ways to recurrent problems such as sexual misconduct, racial disparity, handling accommodations requests and working with marginalized populations. How can regulatory agencies move beyond simply what should be done and toward policies and procedures that put them on the leading edge of being responsive to registrants, the public, and stakeholders in difficult matters and inclusive policy? How can they look forward and identify the hidden concerns not identified yet?


Join CLEAR and regional experts as we discuss on a practical level how regulatory organizations can recognize where change is needed, develop policies and procedures to address gaps in the system, and effectively communicate these changes to those impacted.


Cultural Awareness: Valuing Indigenous and Minority Populations in Professional Regulation

Public protection is a fundamental part of regulation, but, increasingly, there is a need to include other values as well, particularly those related to indigenous and minority populations. Join CLEAR to explore ways in which regulators can be responsive to these calls and include cultural awareness in policy and procedure to help ensure that all populations are treated fairly and protected equally.


Focusing on rights, respect, cooperation, and leadership, this one-day event will serve as a pre-cursor to the Sixth International Congress on Professional and Occupational Regulation.

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