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Continental Testing Services, Inc.


Organization Overview

Continental Testing Services, Inc. (CTS), established in 1985, has designed, developed, and administered multiple professional licensure examinations in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Virginia, and Wisconsin and for the City of Chicago.

CTS has:
・Developed and maintain over 20 different examinations in a variety of fields and endeavors.
・Provided psychometric consulting services to clients for nearly 30 years using the same nationally known psychometricians.
・Processed applications for every major computerized national licensing examination and administered every major paper and pencil national licensing examination.
・Designed, developed, and maintained a state-of-the-art, interactive computer application and system.
Marie Hendon Coordinator of Office Operations
Cheryl Stavropoulos Screener
Courtney Shea President
Patricia Garber Screener
Ronald Rodgers Director of Psychometric Services
Tracie Thezan Data Processing
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