Membership Benefits

Connecting the Global Community of Professional and Occupational Regulators

Membership with CLEAR means being a part of the international network of professional regulators.  CLEAR's diverse membership includes testing professionals, regulatory service providers, regulatory board and staff members, agency administrators, researchers, and academics - all coming together for one common purpose: to achieve excellence in regulation and public protection.

Member Benefits

  • 20% discount on all CLEAR event registration prices
  • Complimentary access to our publications and resources
  • Opportunity for committee service, including the development of the Annual Educational Conference, Education & Training, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives
  • Access to the CLEAR Regulatory Network
  • Posting of job vacancies free of charge
  • Opportunity to receive a CLEAR Regulatory Excellence Award
  • Members-only directory
  • Active CLEAR members receive a Member Badge that represents their commitment to achieving excellence in regulation and public protection, as well as being a part of the international network of professional regulators. Please contact to receive your Member Badge.

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