The CLEAR Regulatory Network

Welcome to the CLEAR Regulatory Network

This enhanced members-only community platform is a place to share information, discuss relevant topics, and expand your network of colleagues.

Within the platform, you will find seven topic-specific groups, which you can additionally join to learn and share more about specific interests.

If you are already a member of the CLEAR Regulatory Network, click the button to enter the portal. If you need to join the platform, keep reading to learn how.

Enter The CLEAR Regulatory Network

Who can join the CLEAR Regulatory Network?

All CLEAR members are eligible to join the CLEAR Regulatory Network. If you previously indicated your desire to join the platform in our recent surveys, you may already have access to the community. If you do not have access, learn how to join below.

Do CLEAR members have to join the CLEAR Regulatory Network?

No. If you would prefer not to join the CLEAR Regulatory Network, that is completely okay. Members have to choose to opt-in to the platform and you may leave the platform at any time.

How do I join?

To join the CLEAR Regulatory Network, you will need to opt-in, this can be done through your membership compass at Our team has created a short, informative video that walks you through the opt-in process and how to access the platform. Watch the video below to learn more.

Learn How to Join the CLEAR Regulatory Network 

Opt-in Through Your Member Compass

Have Additional Questions?

Read our helpful FAQ page. If you are having any trouble accessing the CLEAR Regulatory network or interacting on the platform, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Hannah Fletcher.