INPTRA Legacy Scholarship 


In November 2020, the Board of Directors of the International Network of Physiotherapy Regulatory Authorities (INPTRA) approved the dissolution of the organization, effective December 31, 2020. INPTRA Chair William A. Hatherill said, “Over its eight years of operation, INPTRA significantly developed to a total of nineteen organizational and forty-five individual members. It fulfilled its mission of promoting excellence in physiotherapy regulation by providing a range of resources and education from a global perspective, as well as opportunities to network and collaborate with colleagues from around the world through three very well-supported international conferences and an annual calendar of webinars.”  

Following its dissolution, INPTRA donated its remaining assets to CLEAR, to administer a scholarship program for travel and meeting expenses incurred by regulatory stakeholders headquartered in a country with a Low-Income or Low-Middle Income economy, with a preference for physiotherapy regulators. The scholarship may be used for CLEAR conferences and other non-CLEAR regulatory conferences.  

CLEAR is pleased to offer this exciting scholarship opportunity and is now accepting applications for the 2024 scholarship year.

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Application Process and Eligibility

Applicant Criteria: 
  • Preference is given to applicants from a physiotherapy regulator 

  • Applicants must work for a regulatory stakeholder headquartered in a country with a Low-Income or Low-Middle Income economy (as defined by the World Bank) 

  • Applications must be supported by the employing organization (as evidenced by supporting letter from employer or supervisor)  

  • Applicants must not have received a scholarship for the year prior to attend the same event or conference 

  • Applicants must not be currently registered for the conference or event they wish to attend

  • Applicants must have demonstrated “need” for the scholarship 

  • Successful applicants will be responsible for complying with visa applications and costs, related to attendance at in-person events 


Recipients will be selected on the basis of: 
  • Demonstrated financial need by indicating the parameters that hinder them from pursuing professional development opportunities. 

  • The candidate’s responses in a 250-word document to the following topics/questions:   

  • The value they will personally receive from attending the conference or event. 

  • The value to their organization and community from attending the conference or event. 

  • Future plans to professionally engage with CLEAR and/or other regulatory organizations. 

  • The candidate’s statement about the resources available for professional development. 

  • One letter of recommendation from a colleague or a supervisor. 

  • All applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decisions prior to the conference or event’s early bird registration deadline. 

  • First-time applicants will be given priority over those who have previously received funding. 

  • A one-year waiting period should exist between applications for funding. 

  • Preference is given to employees of physiotherapy regulatory programs. 


The applicant must agree to the following: 

  • CLEAR is responsible for covering meeting registration fees 

  • CLEAR will cover the hotel costs for one night prior to the event’s opening session, and the nights of the event where regular sessions are scheduled. Transportation to the meeting site and a daily food stipend of US$55 for each day where regular sessions are scheduled are also covered. Additional hotel fees and all other incidental costs will be borne by the attendee. 

  • If not able to attend for any reason, the applicant is responsible for a no-show fee of $500 to cover associated costs. 

  • Award is limited to a maximum of two employees per organization 

  • On at least one occasion prior to a CLEAR-sponsored event, meet (virtually or in-person) with a welcoming mentor who will provide an overview of the event and the organization. 

Important Dates

April 30th, 2024- Application Deadline

June 30th, 2024- Applicants to be notified by this date 

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