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While the NCIT Basic Program provides a core curriculum for certification, the NCIT Specialized Program offers advanced certification in three individual subject areas including interviewing techniques, investigative analysis, and report development. Each module is designed to promote interaction through the use of small groups, role-playing exercises, and case studies.

Anyone who has successfully completed the NCIT Basic Program and passed the NCIT Basic Final Exam is eligible to attend.

Anyone who successfully completes the NCIT Specialized course including the examination is eligible for CLEAR specialized certification in each of the course's subject areas.

CLEAR is committed to continuing to provide high-quality training and services to regulators. We are pleased to offer the NCIT Specialized program is available online and in person.

The in-person programming is delivered over three days as a hands-on training, and certification program. Attendees will work together through the modules with an instructor. At the end of the third day, an exam is administered onsite by CLEAR Staff.

The online programming is delivered over two weeks and offers a hybrid approach to learning, utilizing modules that attendees can work through at their own pace as well as live instructor-led sessions. By offering the course over two weeks CLEAR has limited the maximum amount of coursework to three hours per workday. The course culminates in an online exam that will be proctored remotely with our testing partner, Prometric.

Attendees will have access to the same highly-rated training program regardless of the delivery method they choose.

NCIT Specialized Course Syllabus

CLEAR uses eBooks for all of our NCIT programs.  Participants will be able to receive a physical book for an additional fee through our printing partner, Mimeo.

The NCIT Specialized Final Exam has three sections that correspond with the three modules of the program:

  • Advanced Interviewing Skills
  • Advanced Investigative Analysis
  • Investigative Report Development

This exam is taken in one sitting, whether remotely or in person.

Remote Exams

Remote exams are conducted by our testing partner, Prometric, who offers two options for testing. You may test from your own location, or by visiting a testing center near you. CLEAR provides our virtual attendees with instructions and information about scheduling and taking the exam at the end of the program.

In-Person Exams

For those attending an NCIT Specialized program in person, a CLEAR staff member will proctor your exam on-site at the end of the three-day program. This test is conducted through our online learning management system. Attendees are required to provide their own computer or tablet for testing purposes.

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