Case Studies

CLEAR's Case Studies are a collection of papers submitted to CLEAR, demonstrating specific work done by regulatory agencies that could be used to replicate such work at other organizations, including outcomes and findings. Each Case Study represents the work of the author(s) and is not to be considered an endorsement by CLEAR.

Authors should write in a manner that is clear, concise and demonstrates logical thinking. The subject matter should be factually correct and reflect and advance current knowledge in the field.

All case studies are reviewed in a two-part process, beginning with an executive summary submitted and reviewed by CLEAR Regulatory Agency Administration Committee members. If the executive summary is moved forward, the submitter will be asked to present a full case study for review and decision by the full CLEAR Regulatory Agency Administration Committee. All case study submissions should utilize the templates provided.

Executive Summary Template

Review Timeline
Submissions will be acknowledged by CLEAR staff within three days of receipt. Within four weeks of submission, reviewers will be selected and invited to confirm their interest and availability to review. Upon acceptance of the invitation to review, reviewers will be provided with a copy of the executive summary, without identifying information of the author. Case studies are reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • The manuscript deals with an issue of concern to a large segment of the regulatory community or could be unique to a subset of regulators (i.e. country or profession-specific).
  • The manuscript shares information or practical “know-how” that members of the regulatory community are likely to find helpful.
  • The manuscript serves to stimulate thinking, discussion, even controversy, within the regulatory community.
  • The manuscript is written at a level understood by members who are not specialists in the subject matter.
  • The manuscript exhibits logical or clear thinking and is factually accurate.

Committee reviewers will be asked to complete their initial review within two months of receiving the executive summary. Committee reviewers may provide comments on the executive summary for inclusion in the full case study, if the determination is made to move the case study forward.

Upon the review deadline, CLEAR staff will forward all committee reviewer comments, without identifying information, to the author(s) for consideration. The author will have six weeks to consider the comments and submit a full case study, using the template provided.

CLEAR staff will provide the full case study to the CLEAR Regulatory Agency Administration Committee who will review the case study and decide on its publication at its next committee meeting. The case study will be published upon approval from a majority of those present at the meeting.

Approved case studies will be formatted for publication on CLEAR's website and published within one week of approval. New publications will be announced on CLEAR's website and via email to CLEAR's membership.