Compliance, Discipline and Enforcement

CLEAR has developed and maintains the following resources for discipline and compliance professionals:

  • The Directory of Regulatory Boards and Colleges links directly to hundreds of regulatory boards across the continent. Links are provided by profession or occupation and by jurisdiction.
  • Licensure Verification Databases are available by profession and link to databases that are maintained by regulatory boards and colleges.

Directory of Regulatory Boards and Colleges by Profession

Directory of Regulatory Boards and Colleges by Jurisdiction

Licensure Verification Databases by Profession

CLEAR Learning

The NCIT Basic and NCIT Specialized programs are hands-on training and certification programs in investigation and inspection techniques and procedures. CLEAR offers these programs in-person and online to regulatory investigators and inspectors.

Annual Educational Conference

Each year one track of programming at CLEAR’s Annual Educational Conference is devoted to this topic.


Publications are available for order in the CLEAR Store.

  • The Reinstatement Hearing in the Discipline Process: Ethics and Guidelines (1998)
  • Uniform Grounds for Discipline (1995)
  • Planning for Computer-Based Testing (1995)
  • Bibliography on Practitioner Sexual Misconduct (1995)
  • Workplace Violence (1995)
  • The Regulatory Management of the Impaired Practitioner (1993)
  • Guidelines for Witness Preparation: How to Prepare to Testify (Crossing Swords on the Witness Stand) (1991)