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GL Solutions creates licensing software for regulatory agencies. Modernize and digitally transform your regulatory agency with GL Suite, our regulatory software solution. Developed by former regulatory officials, GL Suite software automates every step of your licensing process—from applications and renewals to notifications and suspensions—saving you time and increasing capacity and accuracy.

A revolutionary approach to true agency modernization, our Agency Transformation service is the next step in the evolution of GL Suite— for current and new customers alike. Explore our website and learn how GL Solutions can transform your agency’s workflows and capabilities.
Bill Moseley
Bill Moseley JD, MPA CEO
Ariel Lewis
Ariel Lewis Sales Operations Manager
Marcene Merlot
Marcene Merlot Technical Analyst
Michelle Shaffer
Michelle Shaffer Sales Executive
Renee Moseley Marketing Specialist
Sam Hardin
Sam Hardin Business Solutions VP
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