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Compacts, Universal Licensing, & Reciprocity – Separating Fact from Fiction

As legislatures across the US consider compacts, universal licensing, and reciprocity as ways to address the need for mobility of licensed professionals (and the need to attract more workers into their state), regulatory bodies may have questions about how these options work in practice. In this webinar, we’ll start with the basics: what is a compact, and how are states using them for license portability? We’ll discuss the benefits of compact participation and other things to consider, as well as the politics involved. We’ll then talk about other legislative options around license portability, such as universal license recognition laws, reciprocity agreements, and considerations for military members and spouses. Experts from the Council of State Governments and the National Conference of State Legislatures will help you separate fact from fiction and answer your questions about compacts, universal licensing, and reciprocity.

Annie Miller, National Conference of State Legislatures

Matthew Shafer, Deputy Director of the National Center for Interstate Compacts, Council of State Governments 

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