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Demystifying Occupational and Professional Regulation

Regardless of the reason for your interest in occupational and professional regulation, you and others in the regulatory arena typically have at least one thing in common: numerous questions about your authority, your role, and the basics of what regulation entails. Whatever your questions, you are not alone. Although this book might not answer all your regulatory questions, it should equip you to ask intelligent questions and to make constructive suggestions as you work in and interact with the world of regulation.

Written for new or experienced 

  • professionals appointed to a board;
  • public member of a board;
  • board, agency or college (Canadian) administrator;
  • legislator who is concerned with regulatory issues;
  • legislative staff person who must assist a legislator with regulatory issues;
  • certification director;
  • legal cousel; or
  • staff member to a professional society whose members are or want to be subject to regulation.
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