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How Regulatory Agencies Are Using Big Data to Predict Non-Compliance

Data visualization is a method of data mining that uses graphs and charts to drill down into large and complex datasets. By applying a series of filters, regulatory agencies can visually explore non-compliance data and identify critical trends and anomalies. With this insight, regulatory agencies can predict the likelihood of future non-compliances and provide resources, training, and technical assistance to license/permit holders. In this session, participants will learn how the quality of data collected during inspections directly impacts the usability of data for visualization, and how regulatory agencies are currently using data visualization to reduce repeat violations. Participants will be provided practical steps to evaluate existing datasets and determine data visualization readiness.

Mark Parker, President, Outlier TechnologiesDr. Richard Fiene, Research Psychologist, President, Research Institute for Key Indicators, Affiliate Professor, Prevention Research Center, Penn State

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