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Regulating Licensees' Use of Social Media

Regulators need to develop a policy or guidance to practitioners about the expected standards around the use of social media. "It's a sign of the times - the need to adjust to contemporary practice and social norms." "Social media has changed the landscape for all of us, both in our personal lives and in our professional lives." CLEAR's May podcast episode discusses regulating licensees' use of social media (listen here), but there are still more questions to explore. This webinar panel discussion will consider the public’s expectation versus licensees’ expectation when using social media; the legal concept of freedom of speech and whether that applies to licensees, especially when using social media as a platform for activism; and whether social media usage should be covered under a professionalism standard or code of conduct. Panelists will also discuss some recent cases and their implications.

Originally presented: June 2022

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